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This 5-Step Method Helps Prevent Tooth Decay and Tartar

Receding gums are a common oral health problem. They are unpleasant to look at and can actually make you more prone to having bacteria accumulation in between your teeth. This could result in further gum disease.Fortunately, you can make some simple dietary and lifestyle choices in order to prevent further receding.

What Is Gum Recession?

Gum recession is a common oral health problem that occurs when the part of the gums that surrounds the teeth starts wearing away. Moreover, this can cause more of the tooth as well as the root of the tooth to be exposed, thus contributing to “pockets” or gaps to form in between the teeth. Furthermore, this allows room for disease-promoting bacteria to accumulate.

If left untreated, the tooth’s bone structure could be heavily damaged, thus leading to tooth loss.

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