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7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan and Lose 30 lbs

1st Day

  • Breakfast: spinach with cheese and baked eggs
  • Morning Snack: Tamari almonds
  • Lunch: cheesy sweet peppers with low carbs and green salad
  • Dinner: spinach with baked stuffed chicken and cucumber salad with feta cheese and tomatoes
  • Snack: ricotta cheese with low fat, ¼ cup part skim, ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract and several drops vanilla stevia

2nd Day

  • Breakfast: Frittata with sun-dried tomato
  • Morning Snack: Tamari almonds
  • Lunch: spinach and pepper peppers and chicken
  • Afternoon Snack: raw vegetables and spinach dip
  • Dinner: sautéed spinach, peppers, mushrooms and turkey lettuce cups
  • Snack: cheese stick

3rd Day

  • Breakfast: Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie
  • Morning Snack: 3 boiled eggs, just the whites
  • Lunch: salad with cucumber, tomatoes, sweet peppers, green salad with added vinegar and extra virgin
  • Olive oil: and the leftover Turkey lettuce cups
  • Afternoon Snack: Frittata with feta
  • Dinner: light veggie soup and grilled chicken with some fresh herbs
  • Snack: Vanilla chia pudding – without sugar and dairy

4th Day

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